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Joint-stock company example
Joint-stock company example

Joint-stock company example

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Definition of joint stock company: In the UK: The original (17th century) name for a corporation Definitions (2)Add to FlashcardsSave to FavoritesSee Examples.

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In a joint-stock company, individuals were able to purchase portions of the company in the form of shares, thus making the new shareholders partial owners and A joint stock company is a company whose stockholders have the same privileges and responsibilities as an unlimited partnership. Joint-stock companies came into existence during the period of primitive accumulation of capital—for example, the British East India Company in 1600 and thejoint-stock company: A business whose capital is held in transferable shares of stock by its joint owners. Examples. Sorry, no example sentences found.

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But this usually only happens if the company breaks the law, for example, fails to . In Norway a joint-stock company is called an aksjeselskap, abbreviated AS. Answer (1 of 5): There are hundreds of thousands of joint-stock companies in the world. An old and well-known joint-stock company is the British East India Joint stock definition, stock or capital divided into a number of shares. See more. Examples from the web for joint stock. Expand. They also effectively used Jun 7, 2013 - -Oil & Natural Gas Company Ltd. 2. Please read an introductory article on joint stock companies at:

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